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News / Events

April 2018. Mano NanoTechnologies completes the Phase II GlobalSense project with a successful field test in New Mexico

October 2017. John Manobianco presented an update on the GlobalSense project at the National Space Science Technology Center (NSSTC) in Huntsville, Alabama. The PowerPoint presentation is available here.

April 2017. John Manobianco presented a status on the Phase II GlobalSense project at the National Weather Center (NWC) in Norman, Oklahoma. The PowerPoint presentation is available here along with the video shown on Slide 17.

February 2017. Dr. Marshall Shepherd, host of the weekly show WxGeeks featured on The Weather Channel, mentions GlobalSense in a Forbes Science article paying tribute to the late actor, Bill Paxton and his starring role in the movie Twister (1996). That film and the sensors featured as part of the fictional instrument pack named DOROTHY inspired the original ideas for GlobalSense. 

January 2017. John Manobianco delivered the latest GlobalSense results at the American Meteorological Society annual meeting in Seattle, Washington. Oral presentation available here.

July 2016. Mano NanoTechnologies began National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract to develop and demonstrate a prototype GlobalSense system.

March 2016. MNT completed NOAA SBIR Phase I contract. Final report available here.


Who We Are

Our Story

Mano NanoTechnologies began with a big idea using small technology - create a broadly scalable enviornmental sensing system known as GlobalSense. The company was started as a consulting firm based  in Melbourne, Florida and relocated to the high tech area of Albany, New York in early 2009.

Our Vision

Leverage interdisciplinary teams, strategic partnerships, and nanotechnology trends to enable an environmental "Internet of Things", creating "big data" that will be mined to protect people and make the world safer.

Our Technology

At the heart of the GlobalSense system is a large ensemble of airborne devices known as environmental motes or eMotes. eMotes will be carried by wind currents much like naturally occurring dandelion or maple seeds. eMote target mass is one gram or less with size on the order of centimeters. 

Approximately 11,000 simulated eMotes deployed from a stratospheric balloon platform overflying Hurricane Katrina before land fall. eMote positions are shown during an 18-hour period from 7:00 AM CDT 28 August through 4:00 AM CDT 29 August 2005 as they drift and descend in and around the eye wall. 


eMote altitude is represented by the color scale in kilometers (1 kilometer ~ 3281 feet). The bottom part of the image is a vertical cross section looking from south. This visualization was generated using Unidata's IDV software package.


Leadership Team

Donna Manobianco is the President and Chief Executive Officer of MNT. She holds a BA in Psychology from Argosy University and has over 17 years experience as a senior research analyst, business developer, and marketing specialist, as well as 13 years of experience as an Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance adviser. Outside of work, Donna can be found writing her DARK STAR science fiction/fantasy series.

John Manobianco, Ph.D. is the Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Technical Officer of MNT. He holds advanced degrees in meteorology and atmospheric science with nearly 30 years of experience as a senior manager, business developer, and technologist. John has published 110 papers featured in refereed journals and proceedings for conferences and symposia.


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